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Hi! We are Dan and Meghan and we love to travel the world and discover new places! Thanks for visiting our site! We are a couple who have been traveling full time since our one child went to college two years ago. We want to share the experiences we’ve had, the beautiful places we’ve visited, and help others with a passion for travel see that the dream of traveling can be achieved. That’s how our second child, 2 Traveling After 1 was born.

How it all began

How We Began a Nomadic Life

Our addiction to travel began on our first family trip. We had a blast exploring new places and cultures, and ever since then, we’ve traveled to over 26 countries. Meghan, a former librarian, researches new travel destinations, tips, and everything else we needed to know. Dan, a corporate executive, fell in love with travel during his many business trips.

We always craved travel, but life can get in the way: full time jobs, school, and other responsibilities. So, we explored new places during school breaks and vacations. Then, when our child started high school, we started thinking about what was next and how we could make travel a way of life.

We researched, followed content creators, and talked to everyone we knew. We found it wasn’t a common path – many travel before “settling down,” families explore with kids, and retirees seek adventure. But there weren’t many empty nesters chasing their travel dreams after their kids left for college.


Despite the roadblocks, we decided we wanted to pursue our dream – and traveling full-time has opened our minds and provided unforgettable experiences at every new destination.

At first, the idea of achieving our dream of traveling seemed daunting. But, we refused to let that stop us. To make it happen, we spent the next four years preparing to work remotely, getting rid of our stuff, and learning to live out of suitcases. We heard a lot of “You’re going to do what?” and “What about your stuff?” but we were undeterred and even more committed than ever to achieving our goal. We’ll be sharing our tips and hard-earned lessons in this blog so you can learn from our experience too.

Finally, High School graduation day came. The next day we packed what we had left in our house into a Uhaul and hit the road. We left the things that we thought would be useful in a college apartment in a storage unit on campus and walked away with six bags. That was in 2021, and we’ve been traveling full time ever since. (We don’t have 6 bags anymore, lesson #1 🙂)


We’ve learned so much from our years of travel! The people we’ve met and experiences we’ve had have been incredible. That’s why we started our blog – to share all the juicy details with anyone looking to make travel their own adventure.

Our blog is our passion. We want to help you experience the thrill of travel just like we have. We’ll share tips on food, culture, and must-see spots. We can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we’ve discovered along the way.

Travel has transformed us. We’ve become more adaptable, resilient, and open-minded, all thanks to the wonders we’ve seen. And we can’t wait to keep exploring this big, beautiful world. Ready to join us?

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