View looking down the grand canal in Venice featuring a large green dome when you exit the train station were regulators are checking for the new Venice Access Fee

New Venice Access Fee: What You Need To Know

2TravelingAfter1 is here in Venice to explore this beautiful City and to give you all the latest scoop on the new access fee for tourists visiting Venice following its first week of implementation. In spring 2024, Venice implemented a booking system and an access fee for day-trippers. Visitors not staying in accommodation in Venice overnight (and residing outside the Veneto region) will have to book online and pay a fee of €5 during the peak tourism periods of the year.

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Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Venice Access Fee

In spring 2024, Venice implemented a booking system and an access fee for day-trippers. Visitors not staying in accommodation in Venice overnight (and residing outside the Veneto region) will have to book online and pay a fee of €5 during the peak tourism periods of the year.

Sign with the Venice Access Fee 2024 Dates, Fee Amount, and a QR code to access the website to pay or apply for an exemption.
Crowds of tourists entering Venice has caused them to asses a new Venice access fee

The fee started on April 25, and the initial test period continued through May 5. It will also be active during weekends in May and June, excluding the Festa della Repubblica weekend (1-2 June) and the first two weekends of July. The day-tripper fee will only apply during peak hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This fee is intended to manage tourism and the visitor influx more effectively, preserving the City’s unique heritage and discouraging ‘hit-and-run’ tourism or overtourism. For 2024, the amount is 5.00 € a day and not subject to reductions.

Who Has To Pay The Access Fee?

All visitors over 14 who do not stay overnight on the dates on which the fee will be applicable and do not reside in the Veneto region will have to book their visit and pay the €5 fee in advance.

To manage the entry process, visitors must register with the online platform launched on January 16.

Upon booking, visitors will receive a QR code that certifies the fee payment (or the exclusion/exemption condition) has been met. Show the QR code to officials at Venice’s main access points to prove that you have booked and paid for entry or are exempt from payment.

Who Is Excluded From Paying The Access Fee?

However, there are specific exclusions and exemptions to the Access Fee.

  • All visitors who are a guest of an accommodation facility located in the municipality of Venice can apply for an exemption from the fee. 
  • Persons born in the Municipality of Venice, residents of the Municipality of Venice, minors under the age of 14 years, holders of the European Disability Card (Disability Card) and their companion, and personnel belonging to the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Forces (including Italian Fire Fighters) are not required to pay the Access Fee. 
  • Workers (employees or self-employed), even commuters, students of any grade and order of schools and universities based in the Ancient City or the Minor Islands, subjects, and members of the families of those who have paid the IMU in the Municipality of Venice, residents in the Veneto Region, those in need of care, who participate in sports competitions.
  • The spouse, the partner, relatives or relatives related up to the 3rd degree of residents in the areas where the Access Contribution is valid, and an additional set of exemptions provided for in the Regulation are also not required to pay the Access Fee but must apply for exemption on the portal, which we have shared a link to below.
The Venice Access Fee Website form to request an exemption

How Do I Get An Exemption If I Am Staying In Venice? Step-By-Step Instructions

Getting an exemption is easy if you are staying in the Municipality of Venice, which includes Murano and the other islands. To apply for an exemption, follow the link below and complete the online form. After you follow the link:

  • Select your language in the grey bar at the top right of the website.
  • Select “I am a guest of an accommodation facility located in the Municipality of Venice”
  • Click “Request Exemption”
  • Select the start and end dates of your stay on the calendar and click “Next” Note: You must select the dates on the calendar and cannot manually enter them.
  • Enter your Name, Surname (last name), Date of Birth, Email, Confirm Email, Your Home Address, and Search for the name of your accommodation. If it is not found, manually enter the name and address. 
  • Click on the link to view the Privacy Policy to enable you to click the checkbox and select “Next”
  • Click “Add Holder” to add any additional guests that are staying with you. Add their Name, Surname, Place of Birth, and Date of Birth, then click “Next”
  • Click on “Email” and the email you entered will be pre-populated. You can change this here to send the email with your QR code link to another email. Click “Next”
  • Review all of your information in the pop-up window for accuracy and click “Confirm”


Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject line “Voucher CDA.” The email will include your exemption code and a link to your QR code. Save the QR code to your phone’s camera role for easy access. The email also includes a link to cancel your voucher if your plans change. 

What Are The Fines For Not Paying The Access Fee?

It’s important to note that visitors who do not comply with the Access Fee may face fines ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros (+10 euros of the entry fee). We have already seen the Municipal Administration conducting checkpoints, inspections, and site visits through authorized personnel at the main access points to the City. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and pay the Access Fee or apply for an exemption before entering Venice.

Overall, introducing the Access Fee is a first-of-its-kind experiment aiming to manage the visitor influx in Venice more efficiently. It’s a step towards preserving the City’s unique heritage and discouraging ‘hit-and-run’ tourism.

The City of Venice’s website has FAQs on the Access Fee that explain everything you need to know before arriving in Venice.

Final Thoughts About The Venice Access Fee

Planning a day trip to Venice? The new access fee is currently €5 during peak tourism periods. We highly recommend you register online and pay in advance to avoid fines ranging from €50 to €300. The fee is an authentic effort to preserve the City’s heritage and discourages ‘hit-and-run’ tourism. Exemptions are available by applying online. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have. Visit the links we have shared below for FAQs and more information.

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